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Getting Real FaceTime With Real Humans

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As most of you know by now, I’ve ditched social media for the year, and the way it’s looking right now—indefinitely. I’m increasing incensed and concerned by the blatant attack on free speech, namely by the various social media platforms.

But enough about them, what’s happening with me? I’m blogging again! Duh. (And, still drawing, as seen above.) If you’re reading this—thank you, all three of you—then you already know that. My blogs will be a mixture of life updates, adventure notes and the continued evolution and contemplation of my disconnection from social media. I’ll try to keep them short, sweet and to the point, so not to waste any of your precious time. Now more than ever, as I attempt to deepen relationships, I ask you to write me every so often. Thank you to everyone who has already done that (I got 6 emails in the last two days!!) Let me just say already how much more gratifying those personal emails were in comparison to a simple click of the “Like” button or one-sentence of frivolous flattery. Many of your have echoed the same sentiment.

Aside from blogging, I’m hanging out with REAL PEOPLE. Not that I don’t do that normally, but I’m really trying to hang out and visit with (i.e. have intentional conversations, ask good questions and practice active listening) some girl friends and acquaintances each week in efforts to build and deepen my relationships. So far, so good! I had a soul-filling weekend hiking with one of my girlfriends then having a girl’s night out dinner date and campfire with another friend I met in just the last year. Good stuff! [Current reading material: “All My Friends Have Issues: Building Remarkable Relationships With Imperfect People (Like Me).”] It is also my intention to talk more on the phone with my friends, though I admit, it’s been mostly texts thus far. Hey, it’s a goal not a steadfast rule!

However, most of my time as of late has been spent working on my newest project: a children’s book! I know what you’re thinking (cause I’m thinking it, too). “But, she doesn’t even have kids!” True, but I have a lot of friends with kids; plus, I have a super cool, 3-year-old nephew. And despite my self-induced barrenness, I do love kids. Plus, I have an idea! The idea was born during a conversation with my BFF, who has two young boys. She was talking about their curiosity about electricity and power lines, and she was telling them that Spanky is a lineman. That’s when I thought to myself, this is an opportunity to tell kids about what it’s like to be a lineman and encourage them further to pursue the trade (something both Spank and I are very passionate about and have even created a lineman scholarship fund with a few other linemen that Spank grew up with and has worked with off and on in California). Then I thought, this really has a lot of potential to go beyond linemen and delve into all the trades. The wheels were turning and I got writing (P.S. Waaaaaay easier than writing a travel memoir!)

Now here I am a few months later, getting ready to start working with my illustrator. I can’t wait to see how our collaboration comes along and what beautiful images she creates for my book! If you’d like to learn more about my children’s book and be alerted when my book launches—probably this fall—head to the book series website:

As always, thank you for your friendship and support! Keep emailing me (or even better, give me a call or come visit!), wandering, living as free people and remember that tomorrow is not promised—even if you lock yourself in your house.

**One more 2021 goal I started on this week is taking Hunter’s Education so maybe I can skin my own animal this year instead of my husband’s!

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