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This week in the life of a wandering country girl and her ramblin' man:
Photos from Memory Lane:
Country Girl Takes on the World

During thier first round-the-world trip, Sarah Reijonen and her husband Chris aka "Spanky" visited more than 20 countries in seven months. They started off by leasing a car for two months in Europe; they spent two weeks in Thailand; lived out of a campervan for a month in Australia; spent another month in a campervan in New Zealand; bummed on the beaches in Fiji for a week; trekked across Peru and up to Machu Picchu; visited friends and volunteered in Nicaragua for a couple weeks; and had their last hurrah in Costa Rica before returning stateside. Since then, they have been to more than a dozen other countries. Sarah's goal is to keep her country count up with her age. So far, so good.

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